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  1. Hi Amie,

    Re: Ticked Off: ‘Gender Matters’ but only if you can meet the ‘3 tick test’

    Good article. Some advice from someone who has been around a while who just happens to be a woman:

    Pity that as a ‘woman of colour’ & a Solomon Islander you don’t qualify for the indigenous funding at Screen Australia either. But, have you contacted Rachel Perkins and Darren Dale? If not tell them I sent you and they should help you with your great work. Have you contacted any of the so called ‘Impact Producers’ making social impact documentaries with a known audience and a planned outcome? Lots of producer names & companies in this Screen Hub article –

    My advice is think big. Raise money on a crowd funding platform, get a team around you of like minded talented people of any gender with a vision, don’t compromise your story, don’t have anything to do with Screen Australia even if they give you money, they will ruin your story. I don’t say this lightly or glibly, I really mean it from the experience of several of my associates.

    Listen to advice, and then use your intuition and follow your vision accordingly,

    All the best

    Kerry Negara

    1. Hi Kerry,

      Thanks so much for reading my article and thanks for your encouragement. I’ve been so grateful to have people reach out and give advice.

      Unfortunately I couldn’t read the article because I don’t have a current ScreenHub account! But I will do a search. It sounds like ‘Impact Producing’ could definitely lend itself to narrative film – although I do come from a doco background, the feature film I’m developing is a narrative drama film.

      Thanks again for your support – the internet is wonderful place for things like this! I’m not going to give up 🙂


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