A NYC Story from 2010: NYC Mix Tape Adventures

It’s been busy times…  I thought I would take the opportunity to share a few travel stories from 2010. I made a website documenting my travels to New York City – not many people saw it so I thought I would share it here. Each ‘chapter’ is entitled with a song name – this story is a mix tape of my adventure… See below for the mix tape:

NYC Mix Tape by Pretty WAK
NYC Mix Tape by Pretty WAK

I love NYC and can’t wait to get back there…

SIDE A – 1. Concrete Jungle by Bob Marley

Leaving Melbourne - NYC Mix Tape Adventure by Pretty Wak
Leaving Melbourne – NYC Mix Tape Adventure

I left Melbourne at an ungodly hour of the morning… the thought of airplane food (which I love by the way – I think it’s the very small portions of artificially flavoured food and the illusion that its free), beverages (ie. Wine!) and a very good entertainment system that got me through the fact that I was about to spend the next 24 hours in transit.  With Kokoda adventures still lingering in my mind, I hadn’t given too much thought to the fact that I was indeed heading towards one of the most exciting cities in the world. So I made sure I watched ‘New York – I Love You’  – to get me ready for the Biggest Apple. Also I am not very good at sleeping whilst upright so after two change-overs, watching about 8 films, chatting and drinking champagne with the lady next to me, eating every last drop of plane food they supplied me with… I arrived at JFK really sleep deprived and in need of a shower!

JFK Airport - NYC Mix Tape Adventure
Airport Travel Tired- NYC Mix Tape Adventure
View From the Plane - NYC  Mix tape Adventure by Pretty Wak
View From the Plane above The Pacific – NYC Mix tape Adventure

Here’s a little video I took from the plane coming into LA and NYC…

I was relieved to find that my bag hadn’t got lost in time like I had – I arrived in New York the same day I left Melbourne… my body clock didn’t understand that but at least I had my suitcase.  I purchased a phone card and phoned the guy I was staying with… This is something else I have to mention here – I decided to use the website “airbnb” to find my accommodation as recommended by a friend.  The way this works is that you browse through the listings for a particular city and you can stay with locals who have listed a spare room that you can stay in for a very reasonable price.  It’s all prearranged and paid for before you get there.  All I knew is that the guy I was to stay with lived in a flat in Brooklyn (people said I should stay in Brooklyn), he was an artist and he wasn’t’ going to be home when I arrived…. Great!

So I ventured out of the airport, me n my bags and my NYC lonely planet borrowed from Footscray Library, at about 6:30pm on Sunday August 22. The  A Train took me straight to Nostrand Ave where I was to get off and walk “against the traffic for 7 blocks and take a right at Quincy Ave”.  The train ride was pretty much a blurry blur of haziness.

Nostrand - The Subway - NYC Mix Tape Adventures by Pretty Wak
Nostrand – The Subway – NYC Mix Tape Adventures

When I arrived at my stop and surfaced out onto the steamy streets, I to find that it was raining and night was coming… Great!  I put my head down and started walking not noticing the direction I was going – after a few blocks I stopped to look up at the walk signal and that’s when it hit me… BOOM! I am in New York! Garbage bags piled up on the footpath, yellow taxi cabs whizzing by, Deli’s on every corner, steam rising up from the subway street vents, the sound of traffic and people talking, boyz in tha hood hangin out in groups on the street and a very definitive NY smell…. Wooo ha! It also hit me that I was going the wrong way. So I turned around (still in the rain) and walked against the traffic.  I finally found my apartment block – the crew hangin out front confirmed that I was at the right place – so I climbed 4 flights of steps, located the hidden keys and let myself into a stranger’s home and my home for the next 8 days!!

Mystery Apartment awaits - NYC Mix Tape Adventures by Pretty Wak
Mystery Apartment awaits – NYC Mix Tape Adventures

I was greeted by two lovely grey cats.  The apartment was small and filled with stuff – books about yoga, records, art… I showered and crashed out not caring about where I was or who I might be staying with… I just crashed.

Brooklyn Apartment Cat - NYC Mix Tape Adventure by Pretty Wak
Brooklyn Apartment Cat – NYC Mix Tape Adventure
View before long awaited sleep - I'm in NYC...  NYC Mix Tape Adventures by Pretty Wak
View before long awaited sleep – I’m in NYC…