Time to jump in front of the Camera!

So things are hotting up at Colour Box Studio… We are in the midst of our Fashion Month program where we have been focusing on Sustainable Ethical Local Fashion (SELF).

Fashion Month at Colour Box Studio Melbourne

We’ve resurrected the Pop Up Shop but this time we’re showcasing 14 local fashion designers who use sustainable and ethical practices like:

• New Model Beauty Queen – ethically produced ladies fashion;
• The Social Studio – Fashion Label and Social Enterprise;
• Jude – locally produced fashion & accessories;
• urbanearthwear – Ethically certified underwear;
• Aacute – local designer jewellery & soy wood wick candles;
• ELandTINO – fashion & Accessories;
• Studio 941 – hand painted silk accessories.
• Twitch Women’s Sewing Collective – South-Sudanese collective in Dandenong;
• Aqua Babe – Eco Friendly Casual Fashion;
• 3 Fish – Fairtrade Organic Clothing;
• M*inc Design – upcycled handbags;
• Etiko Fairtrade – stocking thongs and underwear;
• The Skeleton Dance – locally produced cotton basics;
• Vegethreads – uses organic materials & locally designed.

Colour Box Studio Fashion Pop Up Shop Catalogue
Colour Box Studio Fashion Pop Up Shop Mini Catalogue. Open until 6 April.
Colour Box Studio SELF Fashion Show photo by Steven Rhall
Colour Box Studio SELF Fashion Show photo by Steven Rhall

The shop is only open until 6 April – less than two weeks so if you’re in Melbourne get down to have a look or send your peeps along for some ethical spending! It’s well worth the trip.

Colour Box Studio Fashion Pop Up Shop
Colour Box Studio Fashion Pop Up Shop Photo by Claire Grigaut

We also have a range of workshops coming up: Workshop flyer A4

But now down to the business of jumping in front of the camera… As a filmmaker I prefer to stay behind the camera however the time came recently to jump in front of it… literally!! Watch this to see what I mean:

 So yes… you will see that we have launched an online crowdfunding campaign. Basically, anyone can support out project by pledging any amount of money from $5 and up. In return for your pledge, we give you awesome rewards (see pics below). If we don’t reach our target of $7000 before 1 May 2013, we don’t get the money and basically we can’t keep operating as we have and fulfill our programming goals for the next six months.

So, if you wanna get behind us and help us to keep supporting, showcasing and nurturing our creative community: go to our Pozible crowdfunding campaign: A Community Creative Hub

Some of the rewards you get… We’ve teamed up with local creative peeps Hannakin, Able and Game, Charlotte Filshie Jewellery. So by supporting us your supporting them too!!!

Charlotte Filshie Colour Box Studio Pozible Rewards
Charlotte Filshie Colour Box Studio Pozible Rewards

Combo_02 I love Colour Box Studio badgeIn other news I have been busy making a documentary film called Fishing for Culture…. I love what I do and am so grateful!!! That’s all for now!