A new beginning

Wow! September has been and gone and October is here. It’s been a busy time and my film work has had me “out bush” in remote Northern Territory continuing video training with young people in a small Aboriginal community. (Check out this video to see what we get up to out there: Watch Willowra Old Times). I also had the chance to assist in documenting Mobfest – a wonderful Music and Culture festival run by Music Outback Foundation.

On my way back to Melbourne I came via Sydney. I have to share this photo below – I had the BEST duck soup of my life in the Chinatown food court and then stumbled upon this lovely moment:

Chinatown, Sydney © Pretty Wak 2012.

I am now back in da city of Melbourne and putting a lot of energy and time into Colour Box Studio. What is this you ask? Well it seems to be something that I’ve been compelled to do although it doesn’t make much sense at all in terms of making an income… (Thankfully I have my ‘day job’ of making films to fall back on). Colour Box Studio is a basically a commercial space located in the suburb of Footscray that I have leased for the next 12 months as an ARI (Artist Run Initiative).  I really felt the need to be in a space for artists and run by artists…

I have the space secured and now we are starting to transform it from an old tattoo shop to Colour Box Studio. I am in the process of talking with artists to see what we can do in the space and to make sure that we meet the needs of those who can use it. There are so many possibilities and this really is a new beginning… (We will be fundraising soon which you will no doubt hear about here!)

Working BEE: Cleaning up out the back of Colour Box Studio… wonderful volunteers!!! © Colour Box 2012.

Our first endeavor will be a Pop Up Christmas Shop full of artists, designers and crafters works in a retail shop that will be there for a month only. The idea is to create buzz, excitement and hype around the store as it will be temporary and promote it and the artists as much as we can. The model is similar to Incub8 (in Vic & Qld) and Making Spaces (part of pop up Paramatta).  We hope to hold events and workshops during this time as well. Let’s face it, we all need to buy Chrissy presents and it is hoped that customers will enjoy supporting local artists. I know where I’m buying my pressies this year! If you are based in Melbourne and interested in selling your wares you can email: colourboxcrew@gmail.com We are also on twitter (this is new to me and we have one follower – hoorah!) – @colourboxcrew

Apply Now if you live in Melbourne.

I will leave you with my latest keyring order for a Pretty Wak customer who isn’t wak at all!!! Thanks to my lovely friend Imogene who suggested this badge… I am always inspired by 80s hip hop.

“Don’t Push Me Cos I’m Close to the Edge” © Pretty WAK 2012