Stories and Cosies

I have been busy collecting more stories for the “Sunshine Stories” photo series. Across the road from my studio is a lovely shop called the “Roli Poli Delicatessen”. Not only do I love the name, I love the shop and the people who run it. Every time I go into the shop I have a lovely chat to Wiesia Grabowski who is always behind the counter donning her apron and smile and ready to serve who ever walks in the door.

Wiesia from Roli Poli Delicatessen, Sunshine, holding their famous Doughnuts – a “special recipe from Poland”. © Pretty Wak 2012.

Wiesia explains that Roli Poli is a family business. She has been a part owners for 8 years but the shop has been there for 20 years. “We sell our cultural products from Europe. Europeans come in and they can remember life back in Europe, but also Aussie people come in”, she says.

Essences for cakes at the Roli Poli Cafe, Sunshine. © Pretty WAK 2012

There are so many lovely treats and goodies at there it is hard to know where to look and what to buy.

The Roli Poli business card states: “We have ready to take home and eat meals that are done by our secret recipe. Additionally we sell hot food (eat in or take away), coffee, sandwiches, cakes and doughnuts, European lollies, biscuits etc. Also our eropean hams and saucages don’t have as many preservatives. Please come in and try something you probably never tried before. CATERING AVAILABLE”.

Wiesia and Karolina from Roli Poli Delicatessen. © Pretty Wak 2012.

When I asked Wiesia what she loved about Sunshine and Roli Poli she answered, “We love Sunshine. We have lived here for 25 years. We love our business. We love people. We love our customers”.

Roli Poli Delicatessen, Sunshine. © Pretty Wak 2012.

And as a customer, one couldn’t be happier shopping at the Roli Poli Deli. It’s open Tues-Sat so come have a look for yourself:
Roli Poli Delicatessen
1 City Place Sunshine, VIC 3020
Ph: (03) 93114077

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Aside from that, I am now on Instagram – so you should stalk me (my user name is “prettywak” of course). I take photos constantly… I always have – since the age of 10 when Dad gave me my first camera. Digital technology didn’t really change a thing for me… I have always taken heaps of photos (and luckily at uni I worked at a photo store and used to develop my own films during work!).

So here is an example of my Instagram-ness:

Pretty Wak Beer Cosy in Green © Pretty WAK 2012

I recently went camping along the Great Ocean Road and we forgot our beer coolers and the weather was ICY…. So the obvious solution was to crochet them… and that’s how the Pretty WAK Beer Cosy was born. I haven’t sold any but have been busy making some as gifts and I am sending some to a friend who is traveling in Europe. He will hopefully take a few photos of them in different countries… stay tuned for pics! (Contact me if you would like to order some – I sell them for AUD$10).

The last news is that I am pleased to announce that Cerae from Queensland, Australia was lucky winner of the Pretty WAK Flying Duck Pouch competition – woo hoo! Thanks to those who signed up for the blog!