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This afternoon whilst in my studio at Sunshine Art Spaces I came across this project: Humans of New York. Basically it’s a guy in NYC who takes portraits of people in the street… and he has taken 1000s of them. I found it so interesting and I was impressed by the huge following the page has. I love how just one image has the power to tell a story. So… I grabbed my camera and went for an adventure around the suburb of Sunshine to see what I could find and who I could meet.

For those who don’t know Melbourne, the Western suburbs don’t really get the best wrap… let alone poor old Sunshine. As a suburb it certainly is no Fitzroy or St Kilda… no frills here. But that’s what I love about it. Most people in Melbourne have probably never been here! There are so many interesting characters with stories to tell. Here are some of them…

“GET UR INK ON”. From the “Pretty Wak Protraits: Sunshine Stories Series”. © 2012

Insane Ink (2 Sun Cresent, Sunshine) has been in the western Melbourne of Sunshine for 12 years. Johno from Insane Ink has managed the store for 3 months.  A sign in the front window states “GET UR INK ON”. Today, I met Tracey who was getting her tattoo touched up by Johno.

Johno from Insane Ink has managed the store for 3 months. “GET UR INK ON”.
From the “Pretty Wak Protraits: Sunshine Stories Series”. © 2012

I also had the pleasure of meeting Dzeng who owns the Glengala Hot Food Take Away in Sunshine. He was delivering an order of Fish & Chips to Johno at Insane Ink. He was very happy to give me a lift to his shop, so I jumped in his car and found myself going on an adventure! At the shop I met his lovely wife Phi.  They shared their story with me and gave me a free potato scallop!

Dzung from Glengala Hot Food Take Away, 86 Glengala Road, Sunshine. ©

I learnt that Dzung is a qualified electrical engineer and Phi is a bio technologist. They told me that they found it hard to find work in their fields when they first came to Australia but Phi did a cooking course through the local council and the rest is history.

Dzung and his wife Phi have owned Glangala Hot Food Take Away for 13 years. Dzung says “Sunshine is a good place to live. Local people come to my shop in the evenings and factory workers come at lunch time. The numbers of takeaway shops are growing in the area so there is more competition now.”

Glengala Hot Food Take Away, 86 Glengala Road, Sunshine. ©

“Not many fish and chip shops do delivery but we have been doing it for 13 years. Sometimes it’s wet and cold outside and people have kids, and then there’s the elderly – we want to provide convenience for our customers.”

Phi says “Good service & honesty is the most important thing for our business –so that our customers keep coming back.” Dzung adds, “We don’t need a website – we are serving the local people”.

The Glengala Hot Food Take-Away shop is at: 86 Glengala Road, Sunshine, Vic 3020. They do a mean fried rice and also make their own mayonnaise and tartare sauce and of course they deliver – Phone: 03 9312 6814. Check them out!

I am so glad I ventured out of the studio today! This is the first of a series of photographs that I hope to take so stay tuned…

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  1. I love this!!!

    Have been following the ‘Humans of New York’ Project for a while. I like your version better 😉 Go WEST!!! Looking forward to more photos and more stories.

    Pauline Vetuna

  2. OOOh yes… isn’t the ‘Humans of New York’ project exciting! Haha! Glad you like my own little version in the West. I can’t wait to take more photos too! I haven’t taken photos like this in years… it’s nice to give the video camera a rest! Thanks for your support Pauline 😉

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