I love Sunshine!

Well it’s been a big few weeks for Pretty WAK with the opening of the Sunshine Art Spaces – the new studio shop front home of Pretty WAK. Sunshine is a suburb in the West of Melbourne and it’s full of colourful characters and creative peeps so I am happy to be “on the west side” in my new little shop home.

Self Portrait – the Studio by Night. © Pretty WAK 2012

It has been an exciting process to move in and set up shop with 3 other artists Lia Pa’apa’a, Jarrode Elvin and Lucy Hall. The way it will work (we hope!) is that the artists have a studio space but also a space to sell our wares to the public and hopefully bring in a bit of an income! So if you live in Melbourne drop by to 2 City Place, Sunshine. It is right near the train station. The locals have been dropping in to say hi so it has been great to get to know some of the people and shop owners living in the area.

Shop front window – Pretty WAk badges and Pacific Womens Weaving Circle Jewelry. © Pretty WAK 2012

In the near future we hope to run photography workshops, filmmaking workshops, weaving workshops, illustration workshops and more. I will be running an “Introduction to Blogging” and a “Night Photography” workshop in late July so look out for dates here and on Facebook. There will also be an Art Gallery space across the road – I will keep you in the loop about that one too.

Our opening was this week ….

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Also I have been doing a lot of editing for my film work so I needed to get the sewing machine out for some therapy!! Here are a few of my new creations available at the Pretty WAK online store: www.madeit.com.au/prettywak

© Pretty WAK 2012

In addition to this I have been going absolutely badge crazy and asking everyone I can for ideas as part of my market research. I have also set up a Pretty WAK badge order form so that customers can order personalised 35mm/ 57mm badges. CLICK HERE for the badge order form. I was overjoyed to receive the first Pretty WAK badge bulk order this week so I will be busy making 250 badges over the next week! eeep! Here are some of the new badge creations including some badges I made for a night out on the town! Thanks to friends for contributing some great ideas:

© Pretty WAK 2012

Melbourne has been pretty cold over the last few weeks so I was almost forced to get my crochet hook out… Here is a woolen hat that I made (available instore):

The Bell Hat © Pretty WAK 2012.

Tonight I am heading over to a Pacific Women’s Weaving Circle event/ exhibition in North Melbourne so I am looking forward to some Pacific warmth in this wintery weather and getting involved in some workshops. That’s all of my news for now!