Sunshine Studios – A new home for Pretty WAK

Well I am still out here in the desert, sewing away when I can so that I can have some new stock ready for the launch of Sunshine Studios in Melbourne.

I will be one of four artists using the space as a studio. I represent film/sewing side of things and their will be a weaver Lia Pa’apa’a who is part of the Pacific Women’s Weaving Circle, along with a textile artist and a comic/animation artist. The best part is that there will be a shop front area where the public can come in, browse and purchase locally produced arts and crafts!!! My idea of studio heaven. We also hope to run workshops in the space once we are better set up. So many ideas are flowing already!

Below are a few photos of the space I took last month. You can see that it’s just a blank canvas at the moment. I shall post some more photos once we are all settled in.

The “before” photo… inside.
Sunshine Art Studios – outside the building.

Speaking of settling in, if you are in Melbourne, please feel free to come along and join us for the launch June 19, 2 City Place, Sunshine, 10am-12 Noon. The shop is right near Sunshine Train Station – hope to see you there!

Invitation to Sunshine Art Spaces LAUNCH.