Welcome to the Pretty WAK world.

A bit about Pretty Wak (Part 1)…

My first ever job was at Spotlight, Rockhampton, Queensland during high school. For those of you who don’t know Rocky, it’s claim to fame is that it’s the “Beef Capital of the World” (hence the giant statues of concrete Brahmans that line the main highway!). Anyway… I guess, every Saturday, whilst working in amongst grumpy old ladies and piles of fabric – my Fabric Fetish began. This love affair with fabric was complimented by the fact that at age 10 my Dad and Step-Mum had given me a sewing machine. I had the machine and now I had a constant supply of fabric… some of my first creations in the 90s included clothing – a purple puffy sleaved satin Flower Girl Dress, a spotty purple satin vest (that I burnt with the iron and then cried) & some floral print callots. For these things, I used a proper shop bought pattern and had assistance from my Step-Mum. But when I was on my own, I had to be creative if I wanted an A-line skirt like Donna from ‘90210’ or a brimmed hat like Blossom on TV, because my pocket money wasn’t enough to buy these items at Sportsgirl or Just Jeans. Also, I grew up with the motto instilled by my Mum: “Waste Not Want Not” – so I made an endless number of scrunchies with the fabric scraps – you could never have enough scrunchies in the 90s.

So here’s the Flower Girl dress – I still love that colour! I remember being soooo excited about having a braid in my hair with ‘babies breath’ in it as well… you know those little white flowers…. ah, the memories!